Professional Driving School
Association of Washington

Professional Driving School Association of Washington

Our Mission:

Create a strong driver training industry association by working together for:

  • Higher standards of training
  • Reduction in losses from auto related crashes
  • Appropriate state regulations on driver training schools
  • Growth opportunities for our businesses

Attention WA Driving Schools,

In the last several years, PDSA has achieved several accomplishments. The major one is keeping our businesses operating during the pandemic. When restaurants, barbershops, and other companies were not allowed to conduct business, driving schools remained open because our board representative spent countless hours working with the DOL and the governor’s office to classify us as an essential business. Prior to being classified as an essential business, we were able to work with the DOL to get live online classes immediately following the executive order to shut down operations. We stood together, developed a plan, and shared it with everyone in the industry.

In addition to navigating us through the pandemic with the DOL and the government leadership team, PDSA is continuing to work directly with the DOL on several initiatives that will affect our industry in the near future. In order to work successfully with the DOL and our legislature on these initiatives, we need a strong industry association with members that geographically represent all of Washington State’s citizens.

A current threat to our industry is AAA, I Drive Safely, and which are lobbying to move into WA state. In other states, they currently charge $25 for their online class. Governor Inslee has also demonstrated his disdain for automobiles and is looking for alternatives that prioritize his agenda without concern for the industries and jobs that are negatively impacted.

In order to continue making progress with the DOL and our legislature, we need funding. The cost of an annual Membership is $100 per person. All proceeds go to improving and supporting the driving school industry, and the costs of making sure these initiatives are addressed accordingly. We must continue to have input with the DOL and Government agencies on the ways our industry is going to be affected in the future.

We want to continue to stand together so we can ensure we are given an opportunity to evolve and set up our industry for success.

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Association Objectives

PDSA provides the opportunity for all driver education schools to have a collective voice by:

  • Providing a communication and information link for our members to be educated about important issues affecting our industry
  • Building the public’s sense of pride and trust in driver training in our state through exemplary professional conduct
  • Provide educational opportunities for our members and their employees
  • Work with the DOL to ensure our industry has appropriate, consistent, and reasonable regulations and policies that allow commercial driving schools to provide a high level of education and operate profitable businesses
  • Work with all community groups, agencies and legislators to bring about new regulations that make our roads and citizens safer
  • Provide membership benefits that help our member schools run better businesses


PDSA holds meetings usually once a month. Upcoming meetings are determined at the conclusion of each meeting and email reminders are sent out to the membership.

Our code of conduct outlines our governing principles and will help communicate what to expect at our meetings.

Code of Conduct (PDF)


The PDSA is making it easier than ever to be an active member. Membership is now automatic for any school or instructor who attends a PDSA conference event in that year.

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Professional Driving School Association of Washington